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Portrait Quilts

"Thank Heaven For Little Girls"
40" x 32" finished 1/2014
This is little Pixley Jane, aged 2 1/2 at the Sugar Shack Ice Cream Shop.
"Grandchildren are the crown of the aged"  Proverbs 17:6a

"God"s Greatest
Gift To Me Was Dad"
wall quilt 42" X 54"
completed 5/2011

This is a Marilyn Belford-style portrait quilt of my beloved late father, Richard K. Bartholomew.
The photo I used for inspiration was taken on a 2008 Summer trip to Lancaster County, PA.
While visiting an Amish farm, Dad met "Mr. Ed" and quickly made friends with him.
Although we lived in the big city, there was a stable within walking distance,
and my dad would take me there often when I was a child. He had a lifelong love of horses.
I miss my gentle dad, who not only taught me about Jesus,
but loved, supported, and prayed for me over the years.

"I Rise and Call Her Blessed II"
(Proverbs 31) 
a wall quilt of my mother Edith, from a photo circa 1946
finished 2/2014

Madonna wall quilt finished 12/2007
In a private collection


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