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This is my first major competition quilt,
"Standing On The Promises Of God." 
88" X 88" hand quilted Queen size quilt

God began to speak to me about my quilting late in 2002.  I felt He was saying, "I want you to do ALL of your work in My Name, and make it your testimony of love and gratitude to Me."  Choosing a pattern that reflected Holy Scripture was a simple decision after seeing Rosemary Makhan's Biblical Blocks book.  After machine piecing and hand quilting this quilt and finishing it in April of 2004, I planned to branch out a little from entering my work into my county fair, and see about getting it into my state fair.  This was only the beginning of a long, long journey for my quilt.

I ended up showing my quilt in one county fair, one state fair, one local quilt guild show, eight national/international contests, one online contest, and it was in a special Traditional Treasures Exhibit for the International Quilt Association in Chicago.

I received 4 ribbons: a 1st place from my quilt guild in CA, a 3rd place from my county and state fairs in IL, and an Honorable mention from one of the national contests.

Titling the quilt with the name of a favorite hymn, I hoped to give a personal testimony each time the quilt was viewed and my artist's statement was read.  I felt as though my quilt was on a mission trip.  Hopefully you saw it and it touched your heart!

(I strongly want to encourage you to enter your quilts into contests.  The ribbons are exciting to receive, of course, but the real thrill is standing back and hearing someone enjoy and admire your work. 
Your voice is heard.  And we do quilt about what we care about most...SO GET GOING!)



Hello, I'm Cindy Garcia of Racine, WI. 
(formerly of both Long Beach, CA and Winthrop Harbor, IL.)

I have been an avid quilter since 1997.  Interestingly enough, the same year I began to quilt, I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis, and several years later Lupus and Sjögren's Syndrome, all chronic and very painful diseases. 

That hasn't dampened my enthusiasm for quilting though, and through my faith in Jesus Christ, and with the support of my wonderful husband Tom, I have the inspiration and drive to continue my journey in fabric art. 

Yes, we quilters are Fabric Artists, and this website is meant to be a place where I can share my thoughts and encourage all of us to challenge ourselves to the next level of our craft.  It is especially important for those of us with disabilities to have a creative outlet.  God isn't finished with us yet, even though the world may say so!

Our quilts are our voice to the LET'S GET QUILTING!


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Feel free to browse my site, view my quilt photos, and read the sometimes the humorous and sometimes tearful story of my life and quilt journey. 

I hope you come back often, finding my site comforting and uplifting!
To God be the Glory!

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