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Charity Quilts

Here's my personal take on charity/comfort quilts:  to be a well-rounded quilter, a person shouldn't get lost in making competition quilts and forget to stop and make something that in the recipient's heart will be worth much more than a possible ribbon. 
That is why my yearly goal is to make AT LEAST 2 charity and/or auction quilts and one soldier's quilt to be given away.
Quilts are about sharing the love, and I want to share the love of Jesus through my quilts.

Sampler Quilt

3 Baby Quilts with 3 Yards of Fabric:
Here are three baby quilts, the tops each made from three one yard cuts of coordinating fabric, plus backing.  There are no bindings on these quilts.  They are stitched and turned, then quilted.  The pattern can be found in the May/June '06 issue of Quiltmaker Magazine. 

Scrap Happy Quilts 

 Layer Cake Quilt

Five yard quilt


                 Yellow Brick Road Quilts


 Big Block Baby Quilts


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