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Digital Art Quilts

"Homecoming Day: All Gave Some,
Some Gave All"

The center of my quilt is a photo collage including a personal photo of my daughter Mindy and her Daddy in 1983, and two purchased photos from  (The flag and the grieving child.)  The light tan areas of the star points are made with a fabric I created with  It is a scanned collage of Daddy's letters to Mindy.  
This quilt is 60 X 70 inches, and was completed in 2012.

Mindy and her Daddy 

Lighthouse Quilter's Guild
Crayon Challenge
Mini Raffle Quilt for 2013
(to benefit our local hospital)

My color was Cerulean



"Baby, You Color My World"
Finished 7/13

In a private collection

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